The Forum of United States Administrative Law Judges (FORUM) is a professional organization of federal Administrative Law Judges (ALJ). Since its founding in1983, FORUM has been dedicated to:

(1) furthering the public interest by improving the administrative process;

(2) fostering faithful, efficient, and effective performance of the functions assigned to Administrative Law Judges under the various statutes governing federal administrative proceedings;

(3) advancing the professional standing, education and welfare of the ALJ’s employed by the Government of the United States; and

(4) encouraging cordial and friendly relations among: (a) FORUM members, (b) the judiciary, (c) government agencies, (d) the bar, and (e) public and private organizations concerned with the administrative process.

FORUM provides:

(1) A lower cost (dues: $10 – active/$5 – retired: paid annually) alternative to the Association of Administrative Law Judges Union (AALJ), The Federal Administrative Law Judges Conference (FALJC), and the ABA’s National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary (ABA), with a focus on the approximately 185 federal ALJ’s generally engaged in federal agency adversarial proceedings.

(2) Effective advocacy for federal ALJ’s through:

(a)   Communications/meetings with U.S. Congress/committee staff,
(b)   Communications/meetings with OPM,
(c)   Comments to notices in Federal Register relating to ALJ’s, when appropriate, and
(d)   Promotion of ALJ position standing/enhancements.

(3)   Through use of email and the FORUMALJ.org website, regularly provides information to, and solicits input from, FORUM membership on issues affecting ALJ’s.

(4)   Identifies/advocates ways for ALJ’s to better serve the public:

(a)  Disseminates latest policies/programs among FORUM membership; e.g.  Language Access Plans, agency surveys

(b)  Reaches out to agency heads/Chief ALJ’s

(c)  Helps educate public on role of ALJ’s

(5)   Sponsors Annual ALJ Membership luncheon in Washington, D.C. [Cordial/Informal]

(6)   Conducts quarterly FORUM officer meetings

All active and retired ALJ’s appointed by the approximately thirty federal agencies where ALJ’s proudly serve are eligible for FORUM membership.  FORUM’s membership typically includes more than 70 judges serving in 20 or more federal agencies.